·Preserved Ginger in Syrup
        ·Ginger in Brine
        ·Crystallized/Candied Ginger
        ·Syruped Ginger in Glass
        ·Small Bags

          Ginger Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ginger products including 4 series: ginger in brine, ginger in syrup, crystallized ginger and sushi ginger. Applied with the unique processing method in the production, we have produced bars, slices, cubes, ball, shavings, pulp, dices and products of different shapes: heart shape, star shape, plum shape and leaf shape. They are exported to Europe, the USA, Oceania, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

        To keep the quality of our products and bacterium level, we pay great attention on our technology and quality management. We have passed the certification of ISO9001 and HACCP. Our sales volume keeps increasing every year and reached more over 2000 tons last year.

        Gingembre Confit En Tranches Crystallized Ginger
        Gingembre Confit…
        Crystallized Ginger
        Crystallized Gin…
        Gingembre Entier Confit Dried Crystallized Ginger
        Gingembre Entier…
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